Electric Variations: μ ∪ Φ ∪ ∅ ∪ ∀23 → ∞

by Thee Uncondemning Monk

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ADVISORY: This is a collection - the sound of a single track may not be the sound of the others, you might be surprised... just listen. Repeated listening increase enjoyment and intelligibility of works. Often they are so different it takes time to adjust to the particular patterns involved and the various sounds. Your interaction with the set shapes the album, as well as individual soundworkings, so at different moods, times, frames of mind you will find the album to also be different. You might here more or less or otherwise, repeated listening is advised. Listening under multiple conditions is advises, as well as states, as well as with and without headphones. You have been advised!

Electric Variations: μ ∪ Φ ∪ ∅ ∪ ∀23 → ∞ (that is Mu union Phi union Void union 23 going towards infinity*) is a new collection/set of tracks that have electric guitar added to them, as well as some of the works remixed. Again, the key feature of this release is the addition of electric guitar by Thee Uncondemning Monk. Returning to electric guitar has opened new sonic worlds and expanded the musicality of our soundworkings and perhaps signifies a new era in thee Uncondemning Monk collaborations. All of the guitar was improvised live and on the spot, done in one take, as part of a method of getting towards the psychick and hygienic aspects of sound-working (play) as a way to access the unconscious, as a way to enter altered states of perception/awareness, and much more... ↯

Whatever the case, we hope you enjoy the works, and please see the individual tracks for more information on who worked on what.

You purchase of this album is a donation, as all works are given freely as the day they were wrought into the air we share and breathe. Support the work - from soundworking to Thee Network by purchasing a copy today!

Dedicated to Thee Network - find thee others and enjoin: facebook.com/network.thee

Credit given to the entire European Chaosica team, Agitation Phi, Lien Void, and ∀starte 23. We will give thinks to everyone (∞) now:

Lien Void: www.facebook.com/lien.void/

Astarte 23: www.facebook.com/astarte23art/

Agitation Φ: www.facebook.com/agitationphi/

Thee Uncondemning Monk: www.facebook.com/uncondemningmonk

Personal Page (Rev. Al L. Aguero): www.facebook.com/theeuncondemningmonk

Always to further Thee Network: theenetwork.net

Also a shout out to their Moon Sounds of Tao label which you can find:


Artwork and cover art by Astarte 23.

*the mu is often used to signify Thee Um, and Phi is a reference to Agitation Phi, Lien Void the void sign, and Astarte 23 signified by a 23, we have made them a set using the union sign.


released July 8, 2016




Thee Uncondemning Monk Waverly, New York

Thee Uncondemning Monk creates soundwork as a psychick hygienic practice, as Art War, as avant-garde experimental fellow- traveler. Our work mixes acousticals such as guitar, hand drums, field recordings, cut-ups, fusing & slumping, electronic, all of which work within culture against the whole of culture.

A Reverend of Coyotel Church, a heretical agent of the 23rd current, agent of Thee Network.
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Track Name: The Sky Cries, Our Earth Dies
... lyrics are not given, we find it better to let people decide what they hear for themselves, its better that way... each person having then perhaps their own version, as it is, and so it goes...