Miss Glitch & Thee Um: Variations

by Thee Uncondemning Monk

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Miss Glitch & Thee Um Variations are an experiment in an emergent style called Chaosica. What you have are five progressing variations on a theme, each harder than the next. More than chaosica, they are an experiment in hardcore sonic-industrial glitch.

We do suggest, highly recommend, headphones and that you play these variations repeatedly and as loud as you are comfortable with, perhaps just a little louder than that even. Repeated listening yields unique results.

The last track, soundwork no. 6, is a special bonus work you won't want to miss!

The tracks might skip but don't you skip out on each unique variation.

"Beacons over Eggs and Computerized Coffee," incorporates a fusing and slumping mix of a mix by rabbitsquirrel, so a special thanks to them (yeah rabbitsquirrel, its somewhere in the mix). See track six for rabbitsquirel's soundcloud url.

We hope you enjoy this highly experimental album, and the various variations we have put forth. For those that can understand this work as a meditation a close and meditative listening will yield numerous sonic rewards as the divine sparks are in the fragmented details.

Each purchase of this album helps keep the soundworkings free. Donations can be made directly to thee uncondemning monk via paypal to al.aguero@gmail.com. This LP is dedicated, as always, to Thee Network (theenetwork.net), Enjoin!

We are always seeking collaborations.

All rights always already corrupted - infinity until infinity.

For more, find us at our soundcloud and on facebook, links given below:





released June 28, 2016




Thee Uncondemning Monk Waverly, New York

Thee Uncondemning Monk creates soundwork as a psychick hygienic practice, as Art War, as avant-garde experimental fellow- traveler. Our work mixes acousticals such as guitar, hand drums, field recordings, cut-ups, fusing & slumping, electronic, all of which work within culture against the whole of culture.

A Reverend of Coyotel Church, a heretical agent of the 23rd current, agent of Thee Network.
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