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Thee Networking is a selection of a determined moments of collaboration between access-points, 23 Dec, 2015- 23 May, 2016: Thee Um and Thee Austrian Network Crew (as we lovingly call them) bright-lights: Agitation Phi, Lien Void, and Pan Ik and others that they encounter, expanding thee network, by bring them into coumunion as Thee Network, O.O.T.O and bangi23, and more...

After agonizing deliberation with our-selves, We have decided to end this LP, Thee Networking, with "Geometrick Angels" but for a while it was its beginning, as it begins the emergence of a theme. A theme of Eternity, Creation, the Moment of Destruction and Rebirth, Fortification and Resistance, the univocal coming together under an unnameable name, which one might detect in the titles selected to-gather (not define) each singular encounter and becoming of Thee Network thereby. As such, other selections are placed at the lead, "And the Clock Strikes 23" starts off a new theme of time... and in time new organization of the albums playlist will emerge, as we encourage people to listen to more...

Indeed a story can be detected in what is now Thee Networking.

"The problematic of failure does not permit factual verification;
instead of treating the fact as a unit, it carves it out in its own way.
The termination of a politics is not enough to identify it. On the
contrary, it is essential to think the termination of all politics.
Termination, then, is no longer a litmus test, but rather that which
comes about at the end of the sequence and constitutes the idea of
sequence." -- Lazarus, L’Anthropologie du nom

Again, Thee Networking LP (you net war king) is a creature of its own, as the tracks are laid out a theme becomes apparent. It is cosmic in its scope. It is Art seizing thee universe and thee universal re-organising without totality, opening and opening through the unnameable name inscribing We into Eternity. An exploration in shamanistic soundworkings creating Thee Networking.

These soundworks are rituals that unite space with place beyond time, these third mind productions, that put you in the creators seat, of them it is almost impossible to say who did what at times, and so we will not attempt to separate out what has been meshed/rend together. May we arise as a homogeneous multiplicity - a singularity of that unnameable name, Thee Network.

Enjoin these experimental electronic tracks with equal credit distributed:

Experimental Electronic mesh networking of Lein Void, Agitation Phi, Pan Ik, and Thee Um.

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art also work by (Kevin E., aka Pan Ik & Thee Um, aka Rev. Al L Aguero):


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released June 30, 2016




Thee Uncondemning Monk Waverly, New York

Thee Uncondemning Monk creates soundwork as a psychick hygienic practice, as Art War, as avant-garde experimental fellow- traveler. Our work mixes acousticals such as guitar, hand drums, field recordings, cut-ups, fusing & slumping, electronic, all of which work within culture against the whole of culture.

A Reverend of Coyotel Church, a heretical agent of the 23rd current, agent of Thee Network.
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