Unfolding eVoid

by Thee Uncondemning Monk

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Unfolding eVoid is lengthy (2+hrs.) but small (5 tracks) set of sound sigils and magical workings by Thee Um. Now please see below, and if nothing else Note I.

The LP, Unfolding eVoid is part electronica, part glitch, dance, cut-up, experimental, poetry and prose, and ritual magic all.

"The Future is Ours, carry on the 23rd current," Calling William S. Burroughs.

We start this LP, Unfolding eVoid, with thee invocation "Gates," (but you might have started elsewhere, so be it, and so it goes...). From that invocation and opening of thee (your) gates, Unfolding eVoid, then moves to a lyrical version "Organ Faces We Bodies," which evokes Kali for (t)he/r(e) power of re-birth and re-generation. That working moves us to invocation of Burroughs in the "Calling of William S. Burroughs," invoking a portion of his immortal soul to aid and guide our workings. Finally, with the gates open, evocations and invocations made, the LP copulates, coagulates, and culminates in "EMNII," which stands as the heart of this chaos magic ritual, and finally the gates are closes with an anti-banishing that is called, "Cannbeez Mumm."

All that is asked is you have the fortitude & patients to enter into these works with a meditative state-of-becoming thereby allowing access to what is known as Thee Great Art. We know that is a lot to ask for, but that is what is required, nothing less will do, else you'd be cheating yourself of thee very experience itself.*

Each soundworking ritual is created and is being created in the moment. They are in part a practice of sound working as a psychick hygienic daily practice. And as for another justification for your patients is that these creations, consider what you are beholding, these are pieces being created in the moment for you, and hence take time to take form and to emerge, as any sound sculpture would. And in their emergence magic occurs.

NOTE 0: "Two Makes One, Three Makes One... together we become, together we are one, together we have won," Open Organ Faces: We Bodies.

As stated, these soundworks (are not 'music,' yet they push the limits of musicality) are improvised sonic explorations; live-recorded chaos magick rituals. Again, one is re-paid by thee attention and intention that you pay to each track. Multiple listening in various states of mind and places is highly recommended. Each new listen reveals more, different aspects, deepening one's understanding & appreciation of each soundworks potential that only you can activate and explore.

NOTE I: we (thee um) think that "Gates" does not get good, musically speaking, until one reaches the 23rd minute of said track. And "Cannbeez Mumm," shines about 23-25 minutes in. Now either keep reading, or go back and read what you skipped (this goes for listening too!).

Yet all that comes before & after condition all moments, not unlike a holotropic shard. Thee waiting makes those magickal moment all that much more magical! So do what must be done to put yourself in the 'right' frame-ov-mind and get ready to enter into "Unfolding eVoid."

This set represents a year in the creative life of thee um. They were created between 2014-2015, often on the 23rd of the month. And as a record it documents those events, events that continue to echo and alter all points their waves touch. They are hand to hand touchings (a passing-on), a Sufi dream of a master's blessing, o.v. love that flows a current of non-knowledge that cannot be spoken, yet its material signs in exchange carry with them that which moves above and below the 'normal' thresholds of perception. Each track -- a work of sound poetry and prose magic, as such and again, these works move beyond the verbal level acting on the unconscious, altering the commons of sense for new sense and perceptual emerging.

As a shamanistic-magi and soundworker we use multiple instruments/tools from hand-drums to Korg Kaossilator2 to field works, samples, cut-ups, vocals, household object, to found recordings, and more. Truly these are a type of sound bricolage - with whatever is available at the time in a DIY & chaos magick fashion we conjure new realities out of the material signs of the old, bending Life to our Art and Art to our Life. Always cutting upon the veil and letting in thee void.

NOTE II: All Works by Thee Uncondemning Monk, aka Rev. Al L. Aguero, 2016, copyright perverted 2016 until infinity. We release our music under a modified form creative commons, such that we reserve ownership rights to protect the work from being owned (by anyone), such that anyone can make use of our work as long as it not done for commercial or monetary gain, if you want to use our work in a work you will sell please contact us via a message to our personal facebook page. If you do use our works in some way, and we do encourage new creations to be wrought from them, then all we ask is you give credit where due, and kindly share a link to that new work that incorporates or somehow uses our work.

*NOTE III: each purchase aides our soundworks, yet allows us to continue with our other activities, such as building theenetwork.net and more. keep the music free, help us to survive and thrive, truly Rev. A.A., Thee Uncondemning Monk.

This LP is dedicated to William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and Thee Network! And special thanks to Jim Morrison and his poetical work, 'Little Game,' we reference in "EMNII."

Truly, and until then, thee um, Rev. Al L. Aguero

"Thee Human Being is Not Thee Finished Product... we are about to leap beyond" -- Cannbeez Mumm, Thee Um, 2014-16.

Links for more:

Facebook.com/theeuncondemningmonk (personal page)
Facebook.com/uncondemningmonk (thee um project page)

Also engaged with The Infinity Network, DKMU, TOPY/TOPI, AE/TOPE, AIN23, Coyotel, AFF (Anti-Fascist-Fascism), Thee Dojo ov thee Yippie Aiki, and News Station 23.


released July 1, 2016




Thee Uncondemning Monk Waverly, New York

Thee Uncondemning Monk creates soundwork as a psychick hygienic practice, as Art War, as avant-garde experimental fellow- traveler. Our work mixes acousticals such as guitar, hand drums, field recordings, cut-ups, fusing & slumping, electronic, all of which work within culture against the whole of culture.

A Reverend of Coyotel Church, a heretical agent of the 23rd current, agent of Thee Network.
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