23 Unknowns Beat A Heart: Summer Processual Grooves

from by Thee Uncondemning Monk

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Each purchase of this LP supports our soundwork and ultimately our work with thee network. Direct donations go to paypal al.aguero@gmail.com. If you earmark them for Thee Network only, that will be respect. We personally donate 1/3 of our income to Thee Network - its members and related projects. If you are interested in getting a 23rd Logo patch (our bandcamp profile picture) then contact us directly via our facebook (facebook.com/theeuncondemningmonk), patches are $23.

"23 Unknowns Beat A Heart: Summer Processional Groove," is a off the cuff / fusing and slumping / one take jam... it is an exploration into chaosica. "23 Unknowns Beat A Heart: Summer Processional Groove," as an instance of chaosica = a new grouping in that thought still being thunk, a name that designates a determination, and takes an element from the processes of fusing and slumping (a way to mix) a track, but adds the off the cuff one take work but with electronic drums thus adding an random element with elements of spontaneous order.

anyway, here are the original quick notes, addition comments are bracketed in the notes:

fused and slumped and then jammed to in an off the cuff session meant to reach the/e unconscious [letting go of the active mind, a meditation of letting go to the sounds as they appear, our first listen and first reaction to, as we slide into the moment an encounter we become with, and letting happen without conscious interference, but sparks of inspiration that shift modes and cause repetition suiting a moment of taste as the situation unfolds bound and unbound resonate multiples of waves punctuated with notes strung along the bent path way, chaos has order] and reacting to random elements caused by the fusing and slumping process that folds tracks to create an alterity by making the end-beginning a new start point and the middle and end point, and then melding them together by playing both the end-beginning now a new beginning/end together so they end/begin with the folded - melded - fused and slumped - middle - as we just stated, the process can make the middle the end point and the begin-end the start. [By fusing and slumping and then grooving in meditation to rhythms that dominate the chaos to bring order through repetition either emergent from the chaos, implicit order coming from the waves, which is then punctuated with points, or some accompanying (dissonant) waves... or order is imposed, and this varies in degrees the emergence imposition of the other track that emerges with the fused and slumped track... and so this repetition of the folded track,] returns in a double motion, [because the folded and then] the fused and slumped track is like ribbon candy,[ a solid piece and the emergence is returned to it in an imposition of the 2nd track ordering it and adding noise and chaos. and so, more could be said, but we will let it go unsaid for now] this [inspired by the technique from] glass blowing technique [where it got its name, fusing and slumping, which we] brought into textuality [, and] then sound [,] as a way to further the line that connect us to the cut-up and william s burroughs and gysin topy and more [...] theenetwork.net enjoin!

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Thee Uncondemning Monk Waverly, New York

Thee Uncondemning Monk creates soundwork as a psychick hygienic practice, as Art War, as avant-garde experimental fellow- traveler. Our work mixes acousticals such as guitar, hand drums, field recordings, cut-ups, fusing & slumping, electronic, all of which work within culture against the whole of culture.

A Reverend of Coyotel Church, a heretical agent of the 23rd current, agent of Thee Network.
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